The first and last time I will mention this.

My dashboard is full of this crap accusing Michael for something he did not. These people who accuse him and repeat the same lie over and over again are looking for attention. What they want is to talk about this and the best thing you could do is…

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About the old rumor that Michael Fassbender beat up his girlfriend



So, since the assault rumors keep popping up again and again, and since there are still many people who believe them (because they only read one gossip article from that time when the allegations first became public), I’ve decided to do a little research and pull together what I can find.

March 28th 2010, Sunday Times
I’d like to point out this article first as it is from a serious source, not one of those tabloids and celebrity gossip blogs that blow everything up to show a biggest possible scandal.

First to the allegations: “She alleges that after a heavy drinking session in July 2009, the actor threw her over a couch, breaking her nose. She also alleges Fassbender dragged her alongside a car on another occasion, causing her a number of injuries. Andrews has filed a restraining order requiring Fassbender to stay 100 yards away from her and her two children, and is claiming for $20,000 (€14,900) to cover her medical bills.”

The article also mentions that in 1998 Sunawin Andrews already accused an ex-boyfriend of stalking her and “threatening to kill the father of her child”. Warshavsky “claimed in an interview with a local paper that the action was “just a frivolous restraining order in an attempt to extort money”.” Now that alone doesn’t prove she was lying then and lying again about Michael, but it already does leave room for doubts.

Another thing that appears fishy to me is the fact that she reported him 8 months after the alleged assault, which, if she was really frightened for her children, as she has also claimed, would have been quite careless. I don’t know about you, but if a guy I was dating was so violent and dangerous that I’d fear for my kids I wouldn’t waste a day to report him. But maybe that’s just me.

April 8th, Irish Central
“Michael Fassbender’s ex-girlfriend drops restraining order”,
reason not given.

April 7th, another article on her dropping the charges on ‘Agent Bedhead’

A comment on ONTD that says Andrew’s own father stated “she does this after all of her ex-boyfriends break up with her” – unfortunately no source given, but I already read this somewhere else last time I looked into this entire issue. If anyone can help me out here I’d be really grateful.

But another thing that’s fishy: Lawrence Bender, producer of Inglourious Basterds, is the father of one of her kids, so that man knows Michael AND is very influential. If there had been any truth to those allegations, I, as a concerned father, would have spoken up as well.

Another thing: The incident with him throwing her over a chair allegedly happened in July DURING a film festival. The only film festival he was at in July was Ischia, on July 14th – 16th. He had a three day schedule then with various dates throughout the days, including early morning. There are pics of them together during that event (unfortunately I can’t find them but it has been mentioned in the comments of another article I found) and they both looked happy – her nose looked just fine. Now if this really had happened during such an event with press everywhere it would have been likely that someone snapped a pic of her with her broken nose, or reported she had to be taken to the hospital etc. No hard proof either but again something that just seems very fishy.

Some of the other allegations (like that thing where he supposedly dragged her alongside his car and she twisted her ankle and knee and burst an ovarian cyst) must have happened after the alleged film festival incident – or at least Josef Fassbender’s statement points towards such an alleged date. He was shocked and said he doesn’t even know when that should have happened since Michael had been in England ‘the past six months’ where he had been filming Jane Eyre. So that, to me, sounds like one of the dates she had given fell into that time line.

What’s most bizarre here, however, is why would she even file for a restraining order when she lives in LA and he in England? After they broke up he wasn’t even near her anymore. Just a guess, but maybe she tried to make the story as convincing as possible so she could get a) the money and b) her revenge? Why did she take everything back in the end if it was all true? Okay, there’s always the possibility that he paid her off (although, if *I* was really so frightened for my and my children’s life he could give me a million and I wouldn’t drop the charges).

There’s also the possibility that the card house of lies she had built was beginning to crumble, that her father really spoke up about her in public (I wish I could find something on that) or threatened to go public, that she could not uphold her claims in regards of at least one date she had accused him of being violent to her etc. etc. In short: she dropped the charges before SHE could be charged with false allegations.

Another article that sums it up along the same lines as I have
March 28th, Goliath

So, all in all, what can we say about this? With 100% certainty: nothing. Unless there’s a video tape of him doing it or a full confession, vice versa a full confession by her that she had been lying it’s impossible to say with absolute certainty that he did or did not do it. However, there are too many fishy and odd details, too many little indicators that the whole story is just a giant pile of BS. Furthermore, since then the press has never mentioned it again. If there was something to it, one might think the gossip sites and magazines would bring it up again occasionally.

Last but not least: in dubio pro reo; innocent until proven guilty. I, personally, don’t believe those accusations in the slightest bit.

So please, I ask you to read those articles, step back and think a minute before you without a doubt believe something that has never been proven and came up more than one year ago.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. This sick note grabbing ploy has really shaken me. There’s NO need to dredge this stuff up again.

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Anonymous : The guy who convicted Roman Polanski invested this case and found there was no merit to the claims. There is not ONE shred of evidence against him, he cooperated the whole time and was found to be innocent. This own girl's father said she had a history of accusing boyfriends of dv when they broke up with her. Yet, people still call him an abuser? Being accused of abuse and actually being an abuser are two different things. People need to do their research outside of ontd.


I fucking love you.

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My Michael Fassbender opinion


If I see one more post of people calling Michael Fassbender an abuser when the only information they have is one text post I’m gonna start deleting people. If you do your research-like I did years ago- because these unsubstantiated rumors are literally years old, you will see that the rumors have…

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I really don’t know what I’m doing… I don’t. It’s terrible. I go in there and I learn how to be like the character and do the best I can, and that’s all I really do.

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First Look: James Franco on ‘The Mindy Project’ — VIDEO

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